MCN-40: Mission Critical Nutrition

MCN-40 is a meal replacement for special operators to use to reduce pack weight by increasing planned duration between MRE consumption. For example, and without limitation, on a 5-day (120 hour) mission, operators may plan to consume two (2) MRE’s per 24-hour period, equaling to approximately 15 pounds. Using MNC-40, this carry weight may be reduced to one (1) MRE per 24hour period, reducing meal weight by 7.5 pounds. To put this in perspective, a single, loaded rifle magazine may weigh about 1.2 pounds. The resultant food weight savings may allow the operator to carry an additional six magazines, or 180 rounds of ammunition without a weight penalty, which is almost double a standard ammunition load.


MCN-40 comes in single pounches for easy dispensing into a stardard three (3) litre camel pack. The MCN-40 powder dissolves into the water and has no effect on the viscocity. 



  • Water is procurable in most biomes
  • 135-gram mix with 3 liters of water (camelback)
  • 100% recommended daily intake (RDI) guidelines
  • 430 Calories – 40 grams of protein
  • Reduced loss of lean skeletal muscle tissue
  • Sustained physical and cognitive performance
  • Prevention of dangerous drops in serum sodium levels (hyponatremia)
  • Mitigation of physical and cognitive stressors
  • No accumulation of bacteria in hydration system
  • Reduces pack weight (by replacing 1 MRE (1.5 pounds) per 24-hour period operators can carry six additional magazines (1.2 pounds), 180 extra rounds
  • Continuous Consumption while shooting, moving and communicating
  • Provides long duration nutritional sustainment

MCN-40: Mission Critical Nutrition