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Who We Are

The Newcomer Group specializes in the development and supply of vanguard technologies and challenging acquisitions, bringing a heritage of innovation to every project. The founders of Newcomer Arms are active within every transaction, ensuring that our clients receive products, equipment, technology, and training that are tailored to fit their exact situations. Newcomer Arms carries a heritage of being nonpareil in the guarantee of supply chain value, while always incorporating cutting edge technology and tactical advancements into our force of commercial, military and defense equipment.

Being a dealer is about reselling what other companies produce. That part is easy. What makes certain suppliers stand out against the competition is the quality of their customer service and supply chain. This is where Newcomer beats all. Before we start promoting companies brands and selling their products, we do our homework. We research their history, their owners, their successes and failures, even their client base. If the company meets our expectations and has nothing less than an outstanding history of  customer satisfaction, only then will we deal their products. 

The guaranteed quality of our supply chain is just the start however. Every Purchase, Production, Packaging, Shipping, and finally Receiving step is monitored by our Quality Control team. But again, we wouldn't stop their. There is still the allocation of profits.


Newcomer was built by passion. That passion stemmed from a love of wildlife, preservation, and all things Patriotic. From day one, we here at Newcomer have donated a minimum of 10% (sometimes even 100%) of all profits to conservation efforts both at home and abroad. Now, we have started our own conservation fund, while still fully supporting the KIOTA Foundation. This is what we call "Proper Profit Allocation." 

To learn more about our passion for wildlife and what the Newcomer name stands for, read our VP's Message for All.

Please reference the downloadable PDF Profile below.











Consultancy Servies

Among the most difficult of challenges is taking on new missions, tackling acquisition and budgeting challenges, and addressing warfighters' medical needs. Newcomer specializes in the on-site guidance necessary to conquer these obstacles with success.  


Adjacent to Newcomer's extensive line of in-house and US made products, lies 20 years of proven ability to find products, technologies, and services that are otherwise seemingly non-existant. References in the field of budgetary acquisitions include the US Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Department of Defense, the Joint Staff, and multiple international Embassies including that of Egypt, Greece, Turkey, and India. 




Staying ahead of the competition is not only a market strategy, but in our line of work, its required for survival. Advancements in technology allow us to make mission environments safer, and better equip mission leaders and teams for the variables they may encounter. Working closely with our Consultancy departments, our ever accelerating Technology units are on the leading edge of our clients critical needs. This relationship between client and supplier has proven crucial during countless operations and projects.  


Technology and equipment advancements hit the market every day. By pairing these advancements with the training they require, NewComer is able to offer a full line of civilian and military needs. Newcomer Arms employs ex-military personnel and provides access to the global market. Our experts travel the world educating and training civilians, Park Rangers, and military personnel on safety, survival, and tactical procedures. We are currently inserting ourselves in the aviation industry, by establishing India's first private-sector flight school for both helicopters and small aircraft.  

For more details on the products and services we offer, please visit our Solutions page.

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