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Core Values

by Darryl Nowak, Founder and CEO


We are committed to providing products and services that demonstrate superior workmanship and a dedication to excellence.  We believe that instituting processes and procedures which enable continuous improvement to products and services we supply is crucial to sustaining a reputation for delivering exceptional quality.



We are committed to utilizing innovative products, systems and ideas to satisfy customer requirements.  We continually strive to identify and assess new technologies and their possible application to the markets we serve.  We believe that the selective application of these technologies and ideas enables our customers to achieve a decisive advantage as they execute their mission.  To foster innovation, we have committed ourselves to being life-long learners.


Customer Focus

We continually strive for customer satisfaction in the products we deliver and the services we provide.  We believe that this commitment is realized by employing a superior workforce with exceptional expertise in the specific markets we serve and by carefully listening to our customers as they articulate their mission and the challenges they face.

We believe that a significant component of customer satisfaction lies in our ability to rapidly respond to urgent requests and immediate needs.  Therefore, we are committed to anticipating customer requirements and positioning resources to meet those needs.  We also believe that our success is firmly tied to the success of our customers.  As such we strive to provide the services and products that help our customers excel in their own organizations.



As a corporation and as individuals, we are committed to maintaining high ethical standards in every aspect of our work.  We are dedicated to treating our customers, shareholders, vendors, financial partners and fellow employees in a manner that reflects both honesty and fairness.  We are dedicated to honoring the commitments we make to others and to employing ethics in our daily operations.


Growth & Diversity

We are committed to growing our business with a belief that these efforts will produce significant career opportunities for our employees as well as providing the investment capital needed to maintain market competitiveness. We believe that a diverse customer base increases opportunity for innovation, value and growth.  Furthermore, we believe that a diverse workforce expands our knowledge base, skills and understanding to be more responsive to the needs of our customers.


Excellence & Teamwork

We strive to maintain a work environment that encourages excellence, rewards outstanding performance and fosters teamwork.  At the core of our business are talented and capable people who are proud to work at the Newcomer Group.  We seek to support these individuals by pursuing challenging assignments and maintaining a culture that enables the exchange of ideas and information in a cooperative environment.

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