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How We Started

Established in 1999, we quickly found our niche position in the procurement of civilian rifles and shotguns. Gearing operations towards bespoke arms acquired from global sources, the Newcomer team quickly built a network of suppliers and international connections. While we continue to thrive in the luxury and sophistication revolving around the trade of hand-crafted civilian firearms, our team noticed the increasing demand for innovative technologies and the training they require. 

The founders of the Newcomer Group are active within every transaction, ensuring that our clients receive equipment, technology, and training solutions that are tailored to fit their exact situations. Newcomer carries a legacy of being nonpareil in the procurement of bespoke rifles and shotguns, while always incorporating cutting edge technology and tactical advancements into its cache of military and defense equipment. 

Through years of experience and building a qualified team of specialists, we have entered the defense and technology sector in full-force. Investing heavily in network construction and revolutionary developments, our team is able to bridge the gap between proven tradition, technology, and training. Newcomer’s International Expansion Project has been focused solely on the advancement of technologies in the both civilian and military sectors, military and defense acquisitions, and the establishment of training and manufacturing facilities on a worldwide scale. 

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