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Ruck Dock 2.0

The Ruck Dock is a load carriage connector system designed to enable rapid mounting and demounting of personal load bearing equipment. The Ruck Dock efficiently and evenly distributes the weight of any load and transfers it from the shoulders and spine to the legss. By transfering such weight to your legs, you are able to carry more with less fatigue and no risk of injury.


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Ruck Dock 2.0

Belt and Strap Color
  • The Ruck Dock consists of two mating halves that allow connection under various angles of approach. Despite a heavy load, or being unable to view the connector orientation, the end-user can reliably and quickly couple and decouple the system. A military mounting system (the MOLLE) was devised to improve on the lack of customization encountered with standardized rucksacks. While the MOLLE system does allow for increased user customization, it does not empower the user to rapidly configure gear with changes in an activity or mission.


    The Ruck Dock improves the speed in which the entire load carriage system is donned and doffed. Rucksacks and tactical vests that both incorporate load-bearing belts can be coupled together into a single device.

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