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What We Provide

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide everything and anything to our clients. The cliché marketing phrase of a “One Stop Shop” can be considered a bespoke slogan for the Newcomer Group. Offering a wide array of U.S. made military and civilian products, in-depth training in all areas of defense and combat, and holding expertise in international challenging procurement projects, we are situated in the focal point of all defense and outdoorsman market demands. 

Products & Technology

Staying ahead of the competition is not only a market strategy, but in our line of work, its required for survival. Advancements in technology allow us to make mission environments safer, and better equip mission leaders and teams for the variables they may encounter. Working closely with our Consultancy Departments, our ever-accelerating Technology teams are on the leading edge of our client’s critical needs. This relationship between client and supplier has proven crucial during countless operations and projects. 

  1. The future of warfare is intelligence, but intelligence does not end with what you know about the enemy. Intelligence cycles back to your team’s knowledge of your own equipment. NCA 3D allows field operators to repair damaged machinery and equipment with no prior knowledge of how to do so. This ability is critical in hot-zone situations and emergencies. Details of NCA 3D can be found in the 2018 Licensed Products Guide.  


Products and supplies are the key to military supremacy with the right training, and software is the underappreciated component to a successful defense organization. From mobile cloud computing and communications technologies to large scale defense structures to complete fleets of aircraft, Newcomer has the resources and ability to acquire, deliver, and maintain any defense demand. Our services do not stop at the deal, but continues on through a prideful after-sales service and maintenance curriculum. 

  1. With strategic partnerships with corporations such as McDonnell Douglas and Textron (Cessna), Newcomer is able to provide expedited resources in emergency situations. We work hard to always maintain a fleet of our featured model avionics in the case of an urgent acquisition request. This allows us to be prepared for any clients demands in the minimal amount of time.

  2. For land and off-road operations, Newcomer is featuring Oshkosh special purpose vehicles to operate in any and all conditions. 

  3. Newcomer Arms supplies and installs structures from companies such as Sprung Structures. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to specific field operational requirements. In response, Newcomer employs an educated and knowledgeable staff that is available 24/7 to discuss details and requirements of our client’s situations. Structures that feature security, efficient assembly and provide special purpose are vital in providing turn-key solutions to contractors and governments.      


Technology and equipment advancements hit the market every day. By pairing these advancements with the training they require, Newcomer is able to offer a full line of civilian and military needs. Newcomer Arms employs ex-military personnel and provides access to the global market. Our experts travel the world educating and training civilians, Park Rangers, and military personnel on safety, survival, and tactical procedures. We are currently establishing India’s first private-sector flight school for both helicopters and small aircraft. 

  1. Newcomer Arms offers training programs in, but not limited to;

    1. Special Police Officer Training

    2. Investigative Training

    3. Combative/Dynamic Firearms Training

    4. Fire & Rescue Training

    5. Advanced Tactics/Techniques/Procedures (TTP)

    6. Sniper/Counter Sniper Training

    7. Counter Terrorism Operations

    8. Advanced Urban Combat

    9. Linear Assaults

    10. Advanced Combat Marksmanship

    11. Target Acquisition/Reconnaissance/Intelligence

    12. Security and Stability Operations (SASO) including Humanitarian Aid

    13. Personal Security Detail

    14. High-Desert Mountain Operations

    15. Tactical Breaching, Driving Track/Off-Road

    16. K9 Implementation Tier 1 Military Work Dogs (MWD)

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